Born and raised in Lima, Peru, Raúl Abbad Huaman is an eclectic guitarist and composer based in the NYC Metropolitan Area. Raul’s original music is a reflection of his heritage; a fusion of traditional South American Folkloric music, world music and the modern sounds of American jazz and rock. Raul grew up listening to his mother’s records of the traditional Peruvian guitarist Raul Garcia Zarate which became a source of inspiration to him. This led him to seek out Garcia Zarate as a guitar teacher and study with him. After moving to the US, Raul studied music education, classical guitar and composition at Montclair State University.

Raul’s background in Peruvian and classical guitar was a jumping off point for exploring electric guitar, 8 string guitar, and charango. He navigates diverse musical styles with ease and authenticity. Raul interprets and presents these styles in a progressive light always leaving his own unique mark on the music. 

Raul has worked on a variety of projects, including a commission to arrange and compose music for his jazz trio and the Colonial Symphony. He is the songwriter and producer for LaFolie Austral, an indie-rock-en-Español project. He is also the guitarist and composer for Bajopontino, a South American and Afro Peruvian jazz quartet. He performs regularly with the The Michaela McClain Band on guitar. When Raul is not composing and performing, you can find him teaching guitar and music technology at JP Stevens High School.